Since 2006, CEE has surveyed efficiency program administrators to document trends in the size and impact of the industry. By pointing to the aggregate current year budgets and prior year expenditures and savings, members envision an industry working across jurisdictional boundaries, and manufacturers picture a powerful movement.

As the industry grows to meet new savings challenges and expand program offerings, the CEE Annual Industry Report also expands the ground it covers. New this year:

  • Inclusion of funding from all sources of revenue in addition to ratepayer funding, for example, wholesale capacity markets and weatherization assistance programs
  • Responses to queries about details at the program level for electric budgets, expenditures, and savings
  • Adjustment of trend lines for inflation

Due to the CEE membership, who directed over eighty percent of the 2012 expenditures, data is collected directly from 361 program administrators, creating a consistent and accurate picture across 49 states, the District of Columbia, and seven provinces. Since 2008, CEE has included the vast majority of large demand side management program administrators in the United States and Canada. Aggregate budgets, expenditures, and savings continue to reveal a trend that shows growth in the industry.


The Annual Industry Report shows American and Canadian combined gas and electric demand side program expenditures reached $8.0 billion in 2012, with CEE members directing 80 percent.




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