CEE members work together to define market interventions that increase efficiency in end uses, systems, building types, and behaviors. With the integration of demand response, energy efficiency, and other energy services through connected devices, CEE members are formulating appropriate program approaches.

Each year, CEE members get together at two face-to-face events in the winter and summer, adjacent to meetings of the Board of Directors. These meetings, along with the CEE-ACEEE National Symposium on Market Transformation, which is open to all, were just completed for 2015. We'll be announcing the 2016 CEE Winter Program Meeting soon.

Each fall, CEE invites guests from other industries to participate in deliberative discussion at the Industry Partners Meeting. View the 2015 agenda to see the range of topics being considered this fall. Also, for additional perspective, feel free to review the presentations and member and industry partner attendees from last year's Industry Partners Meeting.

12th Annual CEE Industry Partners Meeting
September 16–17, 2015
Chicago, IL

General Session Presentations

Winter Program Meeting
January 13–14, 2016
Long Beach, CA

CEE Summer Program Meeting
Coming in spring 2016