CEE members work together to define market interventions that increase efficiency in end uses, systems, building types, and behaviors.

CEE members work together regularly through teleconferences, and twice a year they meet in person. These program meetings, held in winter and summer, are for members only. CEE members can access registration, hotel information, and further details by logging into the CEE Forum.

June 2–3, 2015 CEE Summer Program Meeting | Agenda
Boston, Massachusetts

Market transformation is a key strategy in achieving the CEE mission of accelerating market uptake of efficient goods and services. CEE and ACEEE co-host the National Symposium on Market Transformation each spring, where a variety of stakeholders hear about innovative tactics and programs from one another.

April 20–22, 2015 ACEEE-CEE 2015 National Symposium on Market Transformation
Washington, DC

Each fall, CEE invites guests from other industries to participate in deliberative discussion at the Industry Partners Meeting. You can review the agenda from the 2014 meeting here.

September 16–17, 2015 12th Annual CEE Industry Partners Meeting
Chicago, IL