Map of 45 states and 8 provinces where CEE members operate The initiatives and initiative resources listed in each unfolding panel below are the result of over 130 CEE members analyzing business prospects, identifying energy efficient products and services, and engaging manufacturers and other market stakeholders to develop credible approaches for encouraging market uptake and achieving verifiable energy savings. To be consistent with the breadth and scale required to drive industry-wide investment decisions, initiatives are binational. And because CEE members are empowered to measurably reduce energy use in their separate jurisdictions, their voluntary adoption of these initiatives creates supply and demand for efficient products and services.

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Whole Building Performance and
Energy Management Exploration
Commercial Lighting Qualifying Product List
Commercial Air-conditioning and Heat Pumps Program Summary—Public Version  
Pre-rinse Sprayers
Commercial Clothes Washers
  Commercial Gas Water Heating Qualifying Product List


Local efficiency program administrators use these CEE program resources when they adopt an initiative into their programs. CEE itself does not play any implementation role in the programs offered by its members. If you are a consumer or industry stakeholder looking for program information, check the CEE FAQ or look for guidance from your local energy efficiency program. Check with your state or provincial energy office if you're unsure whom that might be. CEE members are found in all the blue states and provinces on the map above.