CEE is identifying the connected functionality and information that may help members achieve their demand side goals and increase customer satisfaction. By defining the minimum set of capabilities and data points effective across service territories, portfolios will be better positioned to meet the evolving needs of both programs and customers.

  • Financial savings Through new energy efficiency and demand response opportunities, connected products can provide actionable information that compels energy saving behaviors and empowers customers to manage their energy use, including the ability to adapt consumption in response to higher energy prices.

  • Customer satisfaction CEE members continue to ramp up efforts to satisfy their customers. Better data and insights can help program administrators customize and endorse the right connected products for individual customers.

  • New non-energy benefits CEE members have the opportunity to better serve their customers by identifying connected products that provide new amenity in a consistent, credible manner. Carefully screened connected products can provide remote control, enhanced comfort and convenience, timely diagnostic information, data security, and enhanced customer engagement.