ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Consumers Energy

As Michigan’s largest utility, Consumers Energy provides natural gas and electricity to 6.6 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties. Consumers Energy offers a wide variety of residential and business energy efficiency programs underpinned by ENERGY STAR® certified products, home construction, and management strategies for buildings. Consumers Energy is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for its success in expanding delivery of Building Performance with ENERGY STAR, and promotion of certified products and new homes. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
Consumers Energy received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Expanding Building Performance with ENERGY STAR beyond K-12 schools to key commercial sectors including primary healthcare, universities and colleges, and office buildings. In addition to ongoing energy management improvements, 50 energy efficiency projects have been completed, representing 421,000 kilowatt hours of energy savings and 7,360 thousand cubic feet.
  • Working with more than 300 retailers across Michigan to promote ENERGY STAR certified lighting and appliances.
  • Providing rebates for 510 ENERGY STAR certified homes, a 24-percent increase from the 2013 total of 411 homes.
  • Helping 10 leading HVAC companies achieve new credentials to work with ENERGY STAR, increasing the number of active contractors by a third.

Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont was established as the nation’s first statewide energy efficiency utility. Efficiency Vermont provides technical and financial assistance to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy use and costs with energy efficient buildings, equipment, and lighting. Efficiency Vermont is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for building on its practice of using ENERGY STAR as a brand and messaging central platform in its Efficient Products Program, its implementation of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES), and for its ENERGY STAR for Commercial and Industrial Buildings and ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes programs. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
Efficiency Vermont received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Sustaining high participation in the HPwES program as a result of adjustments to the program in 2013 for a complete market turnaround in 2014. Implementing the Vermont Home Energy Challenge campaign, encouraging competition between towns to reduce energy consumption and increase HPwES projects, resulting in a 178-percent increase in projects over projected numbers. Launching a program to include the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score with each HPwES project, a first step towards quantifying the value of energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Continuing to transform key commercial markets by benchmarking energy performance with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and striving, along with customers, to achieve ENERGY STAR certification for high performing buildings. K-12 schools in Vermont participated in the first-in-the-nation voluntary, statewide benchmarking initiative and collectively scored well above average on the Portfolio Manager scale.
  • Delivering more than 21,000 megawatt hours of energy savings, nearly 2,700 kilowatts (kW) of summer demand savings, and nearly 4,900 kW of winter demand savings through its Efficient Products Program.

New Mexico Gas Company

New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC), a TECO Energy Company, serves more than half a million residential customers throughout the state of New Mexico. About 80 percent of residents in its service territory rely on natural gas, primarily for water and home heating. NMGC is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for its highly successful efforts to help its residential customers reduce natural gas demand and for successfully educating customers and suppliers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR to achieve its goals. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
New Mexico Gas Company received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Growing its trade ally network—increasing the number of participating contractors in the furnace program from 68 to 106 and from 49 to 98 in the tankless water heating program—and educating them on the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified products and incentives available through NMGC to help overcome higher initial cost.
  • Facilitating the sale and installation of 900 certified furnaces and 600 certified tankless water heaters saving approximately 100,000 to 110,000 therms.
  • Promoting ENERGY STAR certified commercial clothes washers, water heaters, steam cookers, griddles, convection ovens, fryers, and dishwashers to its commercial customers.


PECO is an electric and natural gas utility subsidiary of Exelon Corporation serving 1.6 million electric and 502,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. PECO began promoting ENERGY STAR® products in 2009 and has been broadening its efforts ever since. Whether it’s a residential or commercial customer, low-income or middle-class single family, adult head of household or school-aged child, PECO residents of all ages and walks of life are encouraged to use ENERGY STAR products to save energy and protect natural resources and the local environment. PECO is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for its commitment to promoting ENERGY STAR certified products. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
PECO received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Promoting ENERGY STAR certified appliances, electric heating and cooling equipment, and natural gas heating and hot water equipment. Adjusting electric appliance and equipment rebate levels to focus on the measures that carried the maximum energy savings—successfully influencing the sale of nearly 23,000 products.
  • Facilitating the sale of more than 1.5 million compact fluorescent light and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs through retail channels with a notable 676-percent increase in LED sales between 2013 and 2014.
  • Adding new outreach efforts to homebuilders, architects, realtors, home energy raters and municipal construction inspectors to promote the benefits of ENERGY STAR Homes. Although still in its infancy, the program is already showing great promise and is on track to certify more than 100 homes.

Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco)

“Pepco” has been providing electric service to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area for 117 years. The company is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for its energy efficiency programming in its Maryland service territory, which includes 537,000 customers. Pepco launched its residential energy efficiency programs in Maryland in 2008 and is making great strides toward meeting or exceeding its EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency goals, crediting much of its success to effectively leveraging the powerful ENERGY STAR brand in residential new construction and certified products. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
Pepco received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Providing incentives for more than 500 homes, bringing the program total to 951. Market share for ENERGY STAR certified homes in the Pepco service territory is now close to 40 percent, and Pepco provides extensive training to builders, raters, and other partners to meet stringent Version 3.1 requirements.
  • Facilitating the sale of more than 12,000 ENERGY STAR certified appliances and 1.6 million ENERGY STAR certified lighting products—an 11 percent increase in bulb sales compared to the same time period in 2013—resulting in annual savings of more than 75,500 megawatt hours.
  • Encouraging customers to participate and take advantage of a wide range of energy-saving programs and purchase ENERGY STAR certified products: appliances, high efficiency cooling and heating systems, as well as compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs.

PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities delivers electricity to more than 1.4 million customers in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. PPL Electric Utilities launched its ENERGY STAR® programming in 2010 with certified lighting and has since expanded to include refrigerators, refrigerator recycling, and heat pump water heaters. PPL Electric is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for making great strides toward evolving its residential retail program to respond to changing market conditions to achieve its energy efficiency goals. Key accomplishments in 2014 include:
PPL Electric Utilities received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Facilitating the sale of more than 320,000 ENERGY STAR certified compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and nearly 450,000 certified light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs through participating retailers. Having successfully transformed the CFL market, PPL Electric transitioned to an all LED focus in the second half of 2014, leading to a 600-percent increase in LED SKUs and a 689-percent increase in LED bulb sales from 2013 to 2014.
  • Providing incentives for more than 4,000 new ENERGY STAR refrigerators, while retiring and properly recycling more than 7,200 older refrigerators and freezers. PPL Electric increased customer incentives for refrigerators as part of its transition to promoting ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 Refrigerators to deliver even more energy savings to customers.

Sacramento Municipal Utility Disctrict (SMUD)

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a community-owned electric utility serving the greater Sacramento, California, region since 1946. With a 1.4 million service-area population and 600,000 residential and commercial accounts, SMUD is the sixth largest community-owned electric utility in the nation. SMUD is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for its tradition of dynamic and innovative energy efficiency programming using ENERGY STAR messaging and branding to help customers identify quality, energy efficient products. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
SMUD received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Driving the sale of two million ENERGY STAR lighting products—the equivalent of almost four per household—in 2014 with a focus on increasing the market for ENERGY STAR certified light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The lighting program delivered more than 64 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy savings and in excess of 7 megawatts (MW) of peak savings in 2014, up 22 percent from 2013.
  • Promoting a wide range of ENERGY STAR certified products through its Plug-Load Rebate program, including televisions and clothes washers meeting ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 criteria and ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award-winning clothes dryers. The Plug-Load Rebate program achieved more than 13 GWh of energy savings and 2 MW in peak savings in 2014, an increase of 60 percent over 2013.

Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District

Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (SRP) was established in 1903 under the National Reclamation Act and is currently the nation’s third-largest public power utility, serving 970,000 customers. In aggregate, more than 11 percent of Salt River Project’s retail energy requirements for the year were met with sustainable resources. Salt River Project is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for achievement in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program. Key 2014 accomplishments include:
Salt River Project received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Since January, more than 60 percent of the homes built in the company’s service territory have participated in SRP’s ENERGY STAR certified homes incentive program, launched in 2012.
  • Supporting the construction of more than 3,000 ENERGY STAR certified homes, resulting in more than 19,000,000 annual kilowatt hour savings.
  • Collaborating with FSL Home Improvements and Arizona Public Service to deliver the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.


SoCalGas has been delivering clean, safe, and reliable natural gas to its customers for more than 140 years. It is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, serving 21.4 million consumers in more than 500 communities. SoCalGas is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year recognition for its commitment to utilizing ENERGY STAR tools and strategies to reduce program costs and streamline implementation timelines while increasing the efficacy of its energy efficiency programs. Key activities in 2014 included:
SoCalGas received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.
  • Highlighting products that met ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 criteria through cooperative marketing with retailers, social media, in-store POP, and more than 400 in-store rebate events.
  • Increasing the stocking and visibility of ENERGY STAR certified water heaters by offering customized in-store signage and sales associate trainings. SoCalGas influenced retailers to stock models that were only available for special order in 2013, and redeemed rebates on ENERGY STAR water heaters in 2014 increased by more than 1,000 percent over 2013.
  • Selling the most ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 clothes washers in California—resulting in 1,305 therms saved during a two-week promotion with ENERGY STAR partners Samsung and other Western Regional Utility Network (WRUN) utilities.
  • Saving approximately 571,000 therms in 2014, an increase of approximately 12 percent over 2013.

Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion

National Grid

National Grid delivers electricity to approximately 3.3 million customers in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the northeastern U.S., serving approximately 3.4 million customers in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. National Grid is receiving ENERGY STAR® recognition for its comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign to educate its customers about energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR. Key 2014 accomplishments include:

National Grid received an award for Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion.
  • Positioning ENERGY STAR as the most highly-regarded energy efficiency resource for its customers, and making a clear connection to the environmental, economic, and social benefits communities can realize through increased energy efficiency.
  • Using media telling consumers to look for the ENERGY STAR label to save energy and money while protecting the environment. This effort drove the sale of almost 3.5 million ENERGY STAR certified products—including lighting, consumer electronics, heating and cooling, appliances, water heaters, and pool pump products, which generated an estimated 176,367,000 kilowatt hours and 5,720,025 therms in savings in 2014 alone.
  • Participating in the ENERGY STAR Change the World Tour by hosting one of seven community service events in Worcester, MA. The daylong event celebrated community service activities.

The United Illuminating Company

The United Illuminating Company (UI) is an electric transmission and distribution utility serving 17 Connecticut communities and providing electricity and energy-related services to more than 325,000 customers. UI offers energy efficiency programs through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund under Energize Connecticut, a statewide program helping consumers save money through energy efficiency. UI is receiving ENERGY STAR® recognition for an initiative to advance the market for ENERGY STAR light-emitting diode (LED) lighting targeted to serve distressed communities in Connecticut. Key accomplishments in 2014 include:

The United Illuminating Company received an award for Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion.
  • Focusing “The Great Light Bulb Exchange” on six economically depressed municipalities in Connecticut, and partnering with lighting manufacturers and retailers to help customers in these communities exchange in excess of 4,000 incandescent bulbs for ENERGY STAR LED bulbs, realizing an estimated lifetime savings of about 5.3 million kilowatt hours and $1 million in lifetime utility bill savings.
  • Influencing the market for ENERGY STAR LED bulbs beyond the targeted communities, driving the sale of more than 175,000 ENERGY STAR LEDs, a 500 percent sales lift from the same timeframe in 2013.

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