Connected specifications, adhering to the CEE Principles of Connectivity, are progressing by product category as shown in the table below.













Super Efficient
Appliance Initiative


Room Air Conditioners

Specification development


CEE proposes two tiers

Industry input, response

Board approval


Clothes Washers


Specification development


Two Tier proposal drafted

Industry input, response


Clothes Dryers


Specification development


Refrigerators, Freezers


Specification development


Water Heating Initiative


Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters


Specification development


Proposal to expand Initiative

Discuss HPWH with Industry

Incorporate connected criteria

Industry review of Initiative


Space Heating and
Cooling Initiative


Air Conditioners

ANSI standard development process through AHRI


Variable capacity equipment included


Communicating Thermostats

Specification development


ETC analyzes opportunity, drafts spec

Subcommittee revises spec, ENERGY STAR comments, presents to membership

Industry input, response


Swimming Pool Systems Initiative


Swimming Pool Pumps


Specification development


Residential Lighting Initiative




Lighting for Tomorrow Competition


Connected Lighting and Controls category engages manufacturers in meeting utility needs


Commercial Kitchens Initiative


Ice Machines


ENERGY STAR comments


Potential specification development