Twenty CEE members were honored at this year's ENERGY STAR Awards.May 6, 2015

CEE congratulates the 2015 winners of the highly competitive and prestigious ENERGY STAR Awards. Since 2001, ENERGY STAR has hosted an annual awards ceremony acknowledging outstanding work by utilities, energy efficiency organizations, manufacturers, retailers, and others in promoting and marketing ENERGY STAR products, equipment, and programs. 

EPA indicates that this year's winners were chosen from a vast network of over 15,000 ENERGY STAR partners. Each of the organizations honored have adopted world class strategies that are eliminating unnecessary energyThe ENERGY STAR Awards ceremony was held in Washington, D.C. on March 26. waste in the buildings where we live, work, play, and learn.

This year’s winners include twenty CEE member organizations whose achievements in superior energy efficiency have contributed largely to creating jobs, saving money, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Nine CEE members received awards for Sustained Excellence in Program Delivery, a category which recognizes both current and past efforts. An additional nine members were honored as ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year for Energy Efficiency Program Delivery, and two more were honored for their ENERGY STAR Promotion efforts.

See which CEE members received Sustained Excellence, Partner of the Year, and Promotion awards.

About CEE
CEE is an award-winning consortium of efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada. Members work to unify program approaches across jurisdictions to increase the success of efficiency in markets. By joining forces at CEE, individual electric and gas efficiency programs are able to partner not only with each other, but also with other industries, trade associations, and government agencies. Working together, administrators leverage the effect of their ratepayer funding, exchange information on successful practices and, by doing so, achieve greater energy efficiency for the public good.