ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient: Expanding the Efficiency Marketing Platform

The Most Efficient designation is good for one year. Source: ENERGY STAR. Used with permission.

July 28, 2014

The ENERGY STAR® label helps consumers identify efficient products in the marketplace, but it may be difficult for shoppers to quickly identify ENERGY STAR products performing at the very highest levels. What if there were a powerful way of identifying these high performers to consumers with a turnkey approach and materials that are ready to use? ENERGY STAR has worked for several years with CEE members and others to successfully pilot and develop the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient identification. You can view more information about CEE tiers and the ENERGY STAR product label.

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient identification recognizes the highest performing products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR. These exceptional products represent the leading edge in energy efficient products for the current year. According to EPA, these product categories were selected, and recognition criteria were established, to ensure that products demonstrate efficiency performance that is truly exceptional, inspirational, or leading edge. Consumers who are early adopters or are motivated by environmental concerns are expected to be attracted to these products, most of which have a longer payback period than less cutting edge products.

As a program administrator, consider Most Efficient if you:

  • Want to reach early adopters or the most enviromentally aware market segment in your jurisdiction.
  • Would like the opportunity to provide targeted point of purchase materials that evolves each calendar year for use at retail or on a website. 
  • Are looking for an opportunity to partner with your local retailers.
  • Are accelerating market transformation in your area by introducing advanced items early in the adoption cycle.

These products are all produced by ENERGY STAR Partners, meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR, and bear the ENERGY STAR label. EPA reports that as of October 1, 2013, 1443 models from 132 ENERGY STAR Partners have products also eligible for Most Efficient. EPA states that product categories with super efficient products have seen an increase in Most Efficient models. In particular, there have been notable increases in Most Efficient product availability for clothes washers, televisions, and heating and cooling products.

Interest among energy efficiency program administrators is also growing. Eleven CEE members serving approximately 28 million residential customers featured ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013. Another ten geographically dispersed administrators have indicated interest in using Most Efficient in their local programs. If you'd like to use Most Efficient with your program, contact CEE, and the CEE Liaison to ENERGY STAR will be happy to speak with you. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to US EPA.

About CEE
CEE is an award-winning consortium of efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada. Members work to unify program approaches across jurisdictions to increase the success of efficiency in markets. By joining forces at CEE, individual electric and gas efficiency programs are able to partner not only with each other, but also with other industries, trade associations, and government agencies. Working together, administrators leverage the effect of their ratepayer funding, exchange information on successful practices and, by doing so, achieve greater energy efficiency for the public good.