For 15 years, CEE members, motor manufacturers, and trade associations developed the Motor Decisions Matter marketing campaign to serve as a source of credible information about the benefits of efficient motors. By providing tools, resources, and communications from a respected third party, MDM worked to transform the market for motors, bridge the gap between procurement and floor personnel, and improve practices for more efficiently run motors and industries. The knowledge and practices embodied in the campaign have now become standard, and, while the moment is bittersweet, it's time to declare victory and move on to new challenges.

Motor Management Resources

MDM resources are still available! These tools demonstrate the range of motor costs that go beyond the initial purchase price and help decision makers understand the lifetime cost of a motor. Additional tools, such as the Motor Planning Kit, provide resources and direction for how to develop and implement policies and practices to effectively manage motor populations. Sound motor management not only helps reduce downtime, it also decreases energy costs and improves productivity.

The following tools can be used to help successfully manage your motor systems.

Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate how companies have saved money, improved productivity, reduced downtime, reduced inventory requirements, and reduced electricity costs by implementing motor management strategies.

Motor Decisions Matter Campaign Background

CEE members met with electric motor manufacturers and representatives of the ENERGY STAR® program in 2000 to discuss opportunities to increase commercial and industrial customer awareness about high efficiency electric motors. A manufacturer commented that financial decision makers can be one of the biggest barriers to achieving energy savings because they often only take into account a motor’s purchase price. Others agreed. Purchasing managers are seldom aware that the electricity to operate the motor typically represents 95 percent of a motor’s lifetime operating costs.

CEE members took the manufacturer's concerns to heart. They began to work in concert with industry on a binational awareness campaign that complemented member programs. The campaign, Motor Decisions Matter (MDM), sought to give decision makers the tools and information they needed to draw up financially sound plans for upgrades and repairs in anticipation of the inevitable motor failures or system shutdowns that are a part of their operating environment. CEE member programs, motor distributors, and motor service centers used the Motor Decisions Matter campaign as a credible, third-party resource to demonstrate important motor management concepts to their customers.