October 31, 2014

As initiatives increasingly include specifications for systems and ancillary services, and members establish more initiatives, a market need for better access to qualifying product lists arose. Building upon the CEE role representing the consensus position of energy efficiency program administrators to major end use industries, CEE and AHRI have improved the CEE Directory of Efficient Equipment. The directory leverages AHRIs comprehensive products list, combined with CEE’s leading energy efficiency specifications, to deliver a detailed database that spans multiple product categories.

The website has been updated with improved search functionality, a more appealing aesthetic design, continually updated product information, and the addition of several new product categories in support of CEE initiatives:

  • Residential Space Heating, both furnaces and boilers
  • Residential Water Heaters
  • Commercial Water Heaters

Data for Commercial Boilers, Split or Packaged Heat Pumps and Air-conditioners, and Variable Speed Minisplit and Multisplit Heat Pumps and Air-conditioners is still available. With this update to the CEE Directory, CEE will no longer be maintaining separate qualifying product lists for each of the newly added product categories.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the new CEE Directory, please contact CEE.

About CEE
CEE is an award-winning consortium of efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada. Members work to unify program approaches across jurisdictions to increase the success of efficiency in markets. By joining forces at CEE, individual electric and gas efficiency programs are able to partner not only with each other, but also with other industries, trade associations, and government agencies. Working together, administrators leverage the effect of their ratepayer funding, exchange information on successful practices and, by doing so, achieve greater energy efficiency for the public good.