CEE Meetings

CEE members work together to define market interventions that increase efficiency in end uses, systems, building types, and behaviors. With increasing integration of demand response, energy efficiency, distributed generation, storage, and other energy services through connected devices, CEE members are formulating appropriate program approaches through binational initiative strategies.

Each year, CEE members get together at two face-to-face events in the winter and summer, adjacent to meetings of the Board of Directors. The fall features a third gathering, the popular Industry Partners meeting, when CEE members invite representatives from relevant manufacturers, distributors, software developers, and others to bring their insights to the table. View the 2018 Industry Partners Meeting meeting book, presentations, and attending organizations to get a sense of the event.

CEE members can access registration, hotel information, and further details by logging into the CEE Forum.

Invited industry partners can access registration, hotel information, and further details at the page linked below.


16th Annual Industry Partners Meeting
October 2-3, 2019
Fort Worth, TX


CEE 2020 Winter Member Program Meeting, Mid-January 2020, Location TBD CEE Winter Program Meeting
Mid-January, 2020
Location TBD

CEE Summer Program Meeting
Late May or Early June, 2020
Boston, MA

CEE 2020 Summer Member Program Meeting, Late May or Early June 2020, Boston, MA


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